Excellent read for all ages. Captures your interest from beginning to end. I look forward to the sequel.
There is one I hope!!!!!!
— A.G., Nova Scotia
An incredible story that will grip you and have the occasional surprise.
— Deborah MacIntyre, Ontario
I loved it...I couldn’t put the book down and finished it in two days...
— Paul Evans, Nova Scotia
Just amazing! Very moving and I highly recommend it!
— Henrik Jacobsson, British Columbia

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I just loved this book. You calmly told a difficult story with integrity and left me feeling hopeful for the future of this family. I will be recommending your book to family and friends.
— Odette, Nova Scotia
Just finished Kate’s Ring. Wow. Excellent book. Not just a young adult book. It’s a great read for all ages. Hoping there is a sequel and a movie
— Terry, Nova Scotia
Having grown up in Whitney Pier and having spent time in the Margaree valley, I find that Donna has realistically portrayed the history, culture and people accurately. Kate’s Ring contains vivid images of all of the characters involved. The story of Kate’s life and the trauma she encountered was an emotional and heartfelt experience for me as a reader. I’ve heard this story was based on actual events, which brought home how difficult life was during those times. This story is unforgettable.
— Donna Dalrymple, Nova Scotia
Once I started reading Kate’s Ring I didn’t want to stop. The characters were warm, imperfect and very relatable. I didn’t want their story to end!
— J.G. Nova Scotia
This was a story that needed to be told,and Donna did it beautifully! It was very real, the responsibility and burdens put on very young girls to take care of the family. This was true of my own mother, growing up in rural NS. I enjoyed this book from cover to cover!! Well worth the read!
— Faye Wood, Nova Scotia
Kate’s Ring was an excellent read, I didn’t want to put it down! It’s emotional and heartwarming. I can’t wait for the next one! Joe Anne Devereaux
— Joe Anne Devereaux, Nova Scotia
An amazing story of courage, resilience and love! A read for all ages. It may take place in the past, but the struggles the characters live are still real in society today. I hope there is a sequel, I didn’t want the story to end.
— A.L. Quebec
Finished the book today. It is a wonderful, authentic tale of life in rural communities. Many of our families, whether in NS, PEI, NB etc. would have had similar experiences of tragedy, love and strength. I am hoping for a Halifax event in the near future. Thank you for writing this lovely book.
— Collette Saunders, Nova Scotia
I finished reading Kate’s Ring this afternoon and just wanted to pass along how much I enjoyed reading this story (Though enjoy does not seem the right word for the sad events). While I did not grow up in C.B. or that specific area, the descriptions and events very much brought to mind my parents stories of their families in other maritime communities. Lots of hard times and the necessity to split up families when tragedies occurred. My thanks and congratulations to Donna Grassby on her wonderful book.
— Collette, Nova Scotia
This is a wonderful story of love and courage. The fact that it is based on a true story makes it even more moving. From desperation to joy it covers the spectrum of emotions. Great read!
— Nora Askew, Nova Scotia
Kate’s Ring rings true and pulls you into the past of the 1920s in Cape Breton Island. I was drawn into the story of Kate and felt all of her raw emotions as if they were my own. I give this book 4 stars out of 4.
— Debbie Spring, Toronto ON
Kate’s Ring is truly a wonderful book that tears at your heart strings and at your gut. Donna Grassby’s use of imagery, the sights, sounds even the sulphur smells belching up from the coke ovens transport you to that time period in Whitney Pier. Such tough times, brutal times. I shed more than a few tears for 13 year old Kate trying to keep her family together. Donna, this is a masterpiece.
— Dinny Nimmo, Ontario
I have read Kate’s Ring twice and enjoyed it even more the second time! It’s a book that is hard to put down with strong characters and a story that moves you and makes you think.
— Maria Jacobsson, Ontario
I found “ Kate’s Ring’’ a totally moving novel and it’s not just for young readers. It shows the human struggles of a family in situations that many young children had to deal with in those harsh times. A good read for youth to learn how difficult life could be in the 1920s and the endurance needed when they were faced with life’s cruelties.
— Marilyn Comeau, Nova Scotia
I was surprised to see that Kate’s Ring was for young adults...I must be very young at heart, as I felt it was a fantastic read for everyone...Would love to know how the children all fared as they grew up...my local library is ordering it.
— Jill West, Ontario
You don’t read this book you absorb it. So much is felt and identified with that it becomes a very personal experience to each reader. Thank you Donna Grassby for persevering!
— Linda Kilbane, Ohio
Bravo, Donna! You have engineered a powerful and sensitive narrative that leaps from the pages, compelling one to keep reading. Our family has a similar tale of splitting following a tragedy in the 1920’s in Alberta, so I can fully relate to Kate.
— Wendy (Corrigan) McCreath, Ontario
Great story! Really enjoyed (Kate’s Ring)
— Teresa Glover, Cobourg, ON